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  Mike Sosnowski

“I care deeply about balancing
land management, community
growth and the environment”
mike sosnowski
rdek director area a
As your RDEK Area A Director, I made a commitment to focus on:

• Additional local input and process on land use
• Enhancing services/infrastructure for residents
• Expanding affordable fire protection
• Accessibility to your RDEK Director

With your support, I have been able to accomplish these priorities and I am honoured to serve as your representative. 

Today, there is positive momentum in the RDEK, with projects in  progress and more initiatives to complete.

Together, we reduced the RDEK portion of your taxes by 22%, expanded fire services and completed bylaws which provide you as a landowner with more options.

In the future, I hope to make these priorities a focus and look forward to working with you to get the job completed:

Take advantage of every opportunity to reduce taxes, increase income and create job opportunities for Area A residents.

Continue to be vigilant of environmental impacts in our area.

Support West Fernie residents with the infrastructure options they choose.

Extend Fire Services to residents outside of Elkford and south of the Fernie Ski Resort area. 

Reduce Fire Servicing costs in the Hosmer Fire Service Area

Work with the 3 Elk Valley municipalities and provincial government to accomplish common goals including enhancements to Public Transit in the region.

Support the creation of new recreation opportunities including; partnering on the completion of the Millennium Trail between FAR and the City of Fernie and the development of new baseball fields in Hosmer and the Upper Elk Valley.

Continue improvements to the Elk Valley Regional Park.

Work with the province to develop new regulations and policies that would assist in making small farm agriculture more viable.

 To do this, I need your continued support, on November 19th, vote to re-elect Mike Sosnowski for RDEK Area A Director.

ADVANCE VOTING is taking place at the HOSMER COMMUNITY HALL on November 9th and 17th from 8am-8pm